Music has never had a higher profile. Concert attendance and ticket prices continue to soar, while personal music libraries are becoming a reflection of our identities. “What is on your iPod?” is a common question today; as music defines WHO we are.

Today, more than ever, successful organizations are recognizing the importance of Rewarding Customers to reinforce loyalty and build brand retention. Study upon study has confirmed that it costs considerably less to build business through existing customers than through advertising and new sales acquisition. Leading marketers embrace and accept this position. They recognize the importance of building brand loyalty and associating their brands with attractive identity enhancing rewards and incentives that can be tailored for their core markets.

Like people, every brand has its own Personality… and nothing is better at defining and portraying Brand Personality than MUSIC. Music tastes are target specific, permitting one to focus marketing activities directly on distinct market segments. Direct your brand-building activities on those that are most likely to bolster your sales. Capture your market with a reward that can Engage and Involve your primary audience.

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